Reviewer Guidelines


Manuscripts submitted by Author(s) are reviewed by reviewers and without their support, it's not possible to keep up the standards of peer-reviewed journals. The manuscript will be assigned to an editor, who successively selects one or more editorial board members or reviewers to review it
  • After receiving the invite reviewer need to verify whether or not the subject is within the area of experience or not. He/she ought to intimate their convenience to complete the review in a given time
  • One will intimate us with your opinion of accepting (or) declining the invite. If you are unable to simply accept the invite you'll recommend any of your colleagues then the editor could invite that person to review and you must not transfer your invite
  • After accepting the invite he/she needs to check the manuscript page twice and acknowledge for conflicts of the info provided (about the author(s), organization, and funds)
  • The reviewer ought to have a look at the relevant portions of the research paper and verify that it fits within the scope of the journal
  • One ought to contact the editor if there is any drawback concerning time or conflicts of interest, supported that the editor could extend the point or cancel the review assignment
  • During the review process if it's found that the research paper isn't appropriate, then one will intimate it to the editor
  • Reviewers are not pleased with the debate concerning the paper with the various author(s)
  • We request reviewers to not use the information of the manuscript for their use and to protect it from any kind of violation
  • Criticism ought to be given dispassionately and offensive remarks don't seem to be acceptable
  • Confidential remarks to be done and you will advise the editor for acceptance, rejection, or modification
  • The final call regarding modification, acceptance, or rejection of a manuscript rests entirely with the editor
  • The reviewer cannot save the copy of the review and have submitted it to the editor who is that the administrator


  • A certificate is awarded as a credit for your valuable contribution and support
  • Quick processing of the paper.
  • Additional discounts for attendees to Aver conferences.

Aspirants are advised to send their C.V./website connected to their C.V./biography, together with a recent photograph