Article Types


Articles Categories

Aver considers varied types of articles for publication such as:

Research Article: A research article could be a primary supply. It reports the first study performed by the authors. A Results and Discussion section describes the outcomes of the information analysis. Charts and graphs illustrating the results are generally enclosed followed by conclusion and References. The word limit for a research article ought to be 1500-6000. each article ought to possess a part ”“Conflict of Interest”.

Review Articles: A review article is a commentary that summarizes this state of understanding on a subject. A review article surveys and summarizes previously published studies, instead of coverage new facts or analysis. The preferred word count for the review article ought to be 2500-9500. Review articles should explain:

  • Recent major advances and discoveries
  • Significant gaps in the research
  • Current debates
  • Ideas of where research might go next

Case Reports: Case reports are professional narratives that give feedback on clinical practice guidelines and supply a framework for early signals of effectiveness and adverse events. they will be shared for medical, scientific, or academic purposes. it's a close report of the symptoms, signs, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of an individual patient. The word count for the case report is 1500-1800. Case studies without correct discussion don't seem to be accepted for publication

Commentaries/Perspectives: Perspective, opinion, and commentary articles are academic articles that specific a private opinion or a replacement perspective regarding existing research on a selected topic. The word limit for the Commentaries/perspectives mustn't be over 1200-1400

Editorials: Editorials are professional opinions on a particular field wherever the specialist will predict and analyze future trends supported by the present developments. Editorials are usually written by senior scientists, distinguished academicians, and noble laureates that have in-depth command over the subject. The word limit for the editorials shouldn't be over 900-1200. Short Communication could be a description, viewpoints, and observations of the author concerning facts, findings from different studies and writes an essential and transient analysis that might not exceed 800-1000 words

Letters to the Editors: Letters to the Editors are the reader’s views, opinions, comments, suggestions on numerous articles published within the journal. Usually ‘Letters to the Editor’ elaborate, question, analyze, and add worth to the study. Letters to the Editors mustn't exceed 500-800 words

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